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What should be paid attention to when replacing the oil of a screw air compressor

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Update time : 2021-08-30 16:44:50
With the increasing application of air compressors and the increasing frequency of use, the maintenance of screw air compressors has become more important. However, there are some misunderstandings in the maintenance process. For example, when changing the oil, it seems simple but complicated. Incorrect handling will cause some failures, leading to more serious consequences.

1. First of all, if there is not much sludge in the air compressor when changing the oil, you can fill in half of the new oil, run it for 15 minutes to 1 hour, and then fill it with new oil to resume normal operation. If the sludge deposits too much carbon, you must disassemble the air compressor cylinder, manually remove the sludge and carbon deposits, and then clean it with a special cleaning agent, but after cleaning, you must blow dry the water, and then add cleaning oil for cleaning After one hundred to two hundred hours, drain off the cleaning oil, and finally add new oil to resume normal operation. Otherwise, the performance of oil additives is likely to be damaged, and it may also cause safety accidents during continuous operation in the future.

2. Secondly, every time you change the air compressor oil, you need to drain the remaining air compressor oil as much as possible, and do not use the method of supplementing, filtering and reusing it. Because although the color of air compressor oil does not change on the surface, the consumption of additives in the oil may have exceeded the limit.

3. During maintenance, be sure to pay attention to different air compressor oil brands and different grades of air compressor oil. Never mix them. In addition, you should also replace the oil filter, coarse filter oil filter element, air separation fine filter, oil filter, etc. at the same time when changing the oil, and check whether the air filter, temperature control alarm, one-way valve, filter, etc. are intact .

4. It is recommended not to choose a fixed time when changing the oil in normal times. The aging of the oil can be accelerated due to the influence of the environment, machinery, equipment, and impurities. In order to prevent carbon deposits and coking, pay attention to the oiliness, viscosity, color, etc. of the lubricating oil during use (every three hundred hours), but you cannot judge the quality of air compressor oil by color alone.

5. Develop the habit of recording the time of replacing lubricating oil and other components, check the records, and identify the responsible person. Among them, the screw air compressor oil is mostly special oil, which must be managed by a special person to prevent oil mixing accidents. Tighten the lid of the barrel after the air compressor oil is used up, and do not have lid opening tools nearby. If it is found that the evaporation loss of lubricating oil is great, first check whether the oil-air separator is perforated.
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