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Common sense of air compressor inverter

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Update time : 2022-03-04 16:42:01
There is a control switch inside the inverter of the air compressor, which adjusts the operation and closing of the inverter through the signal given by the air compressor, so as to control the speed of the rotor of the air compressor to control the pressure, so as to achieve the air compressor. It is a function of frequency conversion and energy saving according to the actual gas consumption and gas pressure.

As a variable frequency energy-saving equipment, variable frequency air compressors have received a lot of attention and attention. Many brands in the air compressor industry have launched variable frequency air compressors, which almost have a trend of completely replacing industrial frequency machines. However, the energy-saving system with frequency conversion as the core of the frequency conversion air compressor is also very expensive, and the frequency converter of the air compressor generally has various protections.

1. The inverter has its own voltage adjustment range, so that the inverter is always within a safe voltage range.

2. Set a voltage critical value, resist or exceed this range, the inverter will stop directly and stop running.

3. If the computer exceeds the set safe current, it will also directly stop the terminal to protect the inverter.

4. In response to various phenomena that may damage the inverter, it can be directly fed back to the inverter, and the inverter will turn on the protection device and stop directly.

5. For synchronous motors and asynchronous motors, the inverter also has corresponding protection mechanisms. Protects against cloud-like current changes during acceleration and deceleration. The control current can be adjusted by itself to control its running state to achieve the frequency conversion control of the air compressor. In addition, the inverter's short-circuit protection, load load protection, and other circuit protection are all applied in the air compressor, which can be regarded as the perfect application of the inverter in the air compressor. 

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