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Company Introduction

       Kopa Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, is located in Shanghai, China. Shanghai has unique geographical advantages, from industry information to product chain, can supply the buyer the most effective support.Kopa is an air compressor manufacturing and trading company. Relying on twenty  years of professional experience in the air compressor industry, we provide integrated solutions for the whole industrial chain of the upstream and downstream air compressor industry. Kopa has sold more than two thousand air compressors, which can provide a variety of products from various types of air compressors to all kinds of air treatments, like screw air compressors in various power and capacity, air dryers both refrigerated and desiccant, air filters, etc. In aerospace, electronics, petroleum and natural gas, chemical industry, food, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific research institutes, has a wealth of service experience. A tireless pursuit of quality, providing high-quality products and services at the most advantageous prices, and providing air compressor products to match the efficient and orderly operation of air compressors around the world. Kopa has a comprehensive capability to provide OEM, ODM service. Kopa has its  own trademark and brand ‘RUNNINGWAY’. We wholeheartedly provide you with professional, efficient and reliable services. To improve the efficiency of air compressor and reduce energy consumption, we are willing to make unremitting efforts for the green and sustainable development of the earth.


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