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Top Ten Top Compressor Manufacturing Powers In The World

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Global status and history: Sweden is a leading manufacturer of compressors in the world. OPCON, a Swedish giant with 110 years of compressor history, is the world leader in screw expander technology. The Company's shares are listed and traded in NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. For more than 100 years, this company has numerous world first invention patents, especially the invention of screw compressor technology in 1931, which has promoted the further development of the global industrial revolution.
Europe is the birthplace of industry. It is very advanced in industrial technology and has accumulated a lot of core technologies. The source of technology in the compressor field is Sweden, especially from a famous SIM company under OPCON.
SIM Company can be said to be the originator of global compressors. It has created many firsts in the field of compressors. For example, in the field of turbine and steam turbine, OPCON invented the first steam turbine in the world. Up to now, Siemens is still operating; In the field of screw expansion generator, its first oil-free screw expansion generator can realize the recycling of waste heat above 55 degrees. It also invented the world's most advanced air oxygen supply system for hydrogen fuel cell stacks, and has more than 85% of customers in hydrogen fuel cell stacks.
Sweden has a long history of compressor manufacturing. For example, in 1907, Atlas Company of Sweden produced the company's first mobile reciprocating air compressor, internal combustion engine and single-stage air compressor, which are both horizontal and share a crankshaft. This is the world's first integrated motorcycle compressor.
In 1930, Sweden's mobile air compressor called Monodloc came out. It is essentially a diesel motorcycle air compressor. In 1934, Professor Alf Lysholm of the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology was the first person to design the screw air compressor and its rotor tooth profile. Since then, screw air compressor has been produced and applied. Alf Lysholm of Sweden and its Swedish SRM company have continued to conduct in-depth research on the application of screw air compressor in other fields. In 1937, Alf Lysholm successfully developed two types of screw compressor test prototypes in SRM, and achieved satisfactory test results. In 1960, the famous DT4 short stroke air compressor and ER8 low power consumption air compressor of Atlas Company in Sweden came out.
Atlas Copco, one of the world-class compressor giants in Sweden. Atlas Copco is a leading industrial group in the fields of global compressors, expanders and air handling systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco provides solutions for achieving sustainable productivity. Atlas Copco was founded in 1873, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with business scope covering more than 170 countries and regions around the world. Atlas Copco Group's four major business areas: compressor technology, vacuum technology, industrial technology and power technology.
Started to produce pneumatic tools in 1890; Started to work on diesel engine in 1917; In 1946, it began to move towards the world. In 1956, it was renamed Atlas Copco and began to develop the field of air compression. Three business fields were established in 1968, and the fourth was developed in 1999.
Atlas is a world-famous brand in Sweden and is very famous internationally. Atlas was once the first brand in the global air compressor industry. The number of air compressors in the world is the first in the world, and the sales volume is the first in the world. Sweden Atlas compressor brand once occupied more than 50% of the market. Atlas Copco, with its profound accumulation of more than 130 years, is far ahead in productivity in the global industry. Atlas Copco GA series oil injected screw compressor is from 7kW to 315kW, and ZT/ZR series oil-free screw compressor is equipped with VSD variable frequency air compressor at each power from 37kW to 900kW. Atlas Copco's VSD variable frequency air compressor has been proven to save 35% or more power consumption compared with other air compressor regulation methods.
The second world-class compressor giant in Sweden: SRM. SRM was founded in 1908. The original company was AB Ljungstrms ngturbin. The purpose of the company was to develop the dual rotor steam turbine invented by Birger Ljungstrm. Sweden SRM has developed a series of products for various markets in the past century, including the Joule air preheater developed in the 1920s, which was selected as a milestone invention by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1995, improving the efficiency of large power plants.
Since the 1930s, the main competitiveness of SRM has been the application and development of screw compressor technology, with a large number of licensors, such as Hitachi, Carrier and Atlas Copco. In 2015, Sweden SRM was acquired by Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd.
Global status and history: The United States is a global compressor manufacturing power with a very long history of compressors. For example, the first manual household refrigerator appeared in the world in 1913, and the first automatic refrigerator was produced by American Kelvinator Company in 1918. For another example, General Electric Company of the United States produced the first fully enclosed piston refrigeration compressor in 1926, which can be said to be an important milestone in the history of global household appliances. At that time, the vast majority of refrigerators used chlorine fluoride as the freezing agent.
As early as the 1930s and 1940s, refrigerators with freezers were popular in American families. In 1902, Ingersoll Rand Company of the United States made the first mobile reciprocating air compressor. In 1931, Mortington Corp of the United States made the first opposed air compressor of the company, and then developed into BDC symmetrical balanced air and gas compressor series today. American compressor brands: Fidelity, Gulun, Kelly, DRESSER-RAND, Ingersoll rand, Cooper, General Electric Power (GE, formerly Nuovo Pignone of Italy) and American A-C compressor company.
Ingersoll Rand, one of the world-class compressor giants in the United States. Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified industrial company, which was founded in 1871. Ingersoll Rand has 11 strategic business units in the world, and has operating agencies in all major regions of the world. Ingersoll Rand's brands: Club Car, Ingersoll Rand, Thermo King and Trane are committed to improving the air quality and comfort of residential buildings and buildings, transporting and protecting the safety of food and perishables, and improving the productivity and efficiency of global industrial fields. It is worth mentioning that in 1954, the world's first atomic powered submarine was equipped with Ingersoll Rand boiler feed pump and equipment.
Ingersoll Rand's three core strategies include: achieving business growth by relying on innovation, services and emerging markets. Since 2013, Ingersoll Rand has been selected as one of the "most respected companies in the world" by Fortune magazine for two consecutive years. With its outstanding contributions to the economy, environment and society, Ingersoll Rand was ranked in the Dow Jones Sustainable Development Global Index and the North American Index in 2012-2013. The company's four strategic brands include: Club Car, a world leading manufacturer of small wheeled zero emission electric vehicles. Club Car is a leader in innovation in the industry. Ingersoll Rand brand, whose diversified innovative products include a full range of compressed air systems, tools, pumps, and material and fluid handling systems.
It is worth mentioning that Ingersoll Rand invented the world's first pneumatic tool in 1934. Because of its experience in power tool design and production, Ingersoll Rand has become the world's leading power tool brand. Ingersoll Rand is a global leader in the manufacture of winch and hoist equipment, with a rich and comprehensive product line of winch and hoist in the market. Founded in 1938, Lengwang provides temperature control solutions for various transportation systems, including trailers, trucks, passenger cars, sea containers and railway transportation. It is a world leading manufacturer of transportation temperature control systems.
Lengwang has a 76 year history, and has established 7 factories and 3 cutting-edge R&D centers worldwide, with more than 865 agents worldwide. Trane brand, founded in 1913, focuses on the improvement of air quality -- cooling, heating and clean air. At present, Trane is a world leading brand in air conditioning systems, services and solutions. It is committed to controlling the air comfort of residential buildings and large and famous commercial, industrial and public buildings in the world.
Ingersoll Rand also owns many famous brands worldwide, including ARO, GHH Rand, Hibon, SIRC, etc. For example, ARO aims to become a world-class manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and systems. ARO provides world leading pneumatic diaphragm pumps to industrial customers.
In fact, the total sales of Ingersoll Rand Group is larger than that of Atlas Group, because Ingersoll Rand's main business, industrial air conditioning, is relatively large, and its air compressor business accounts for a small proportion of the whole group. Ingersoll Rand is a world-class brand in the industry. However, the air compressors of several major brands in the world can be compared with Atlas only when they are combined. Atlas's market share, sales and service outlets are much higher than those of Ingersoll Rand. Atlas's main business is air compressor field.
Oil free screw accounts for more than 50% of the market, and oil injected screw air compressor accounts for about 25% of the world. Mobile air compressors account for about 33% of the world. Ingersoll Rand screw air compressor is also the quietest, most efficient and easiest to maintain. Its screw air compressor has outstanding reliability, durability, high efficiency and low noise. In particular, its special design has the optimal acoustic feeling and operating efficiency.
Ingersoll Rand compressor design features: 1) innovative modular design, high integration and high reliability; 2) Host drive module; 3) Durable Ingersoll Rand host; 4) Precise transmission system; High efficiency motor. 5) Cooling module, integrated cooling module; The unit adopts centrifugal fan. Especially the unique cold and hot chamber structure design; The compact design saves more space for the unit. 6) Oil filtration and separation module: 15% fewer connection points than similar products, greatly reducing the incidence of leakage; The oil content in the air has been greatly reduced, reaching the industry leading level below 3ppm; The "O" ring seal is used to fundamentally improve the level of leakage prevention. 7) Silent and environment-friendly design: it can effectively absorb noise, 3-5 dB (A) lower than ordinary air compressors, truly meeting the environmental standards; 8) Humanized intelligent control system and humanized design, fast self-service.
Emerson Valley Wheel, the second world-class compressor giant in the United States, is a leading global company in the field of technology and engineering. Emerson's well-known scroll compressor brand is a large group enterprise specializing in network energy/process control/industrial automation/environmental regulation/household appliances/tools and other fields. The so-called "Gulun" was later acquired by EMESON, but the brand name of "Gulun" will always be used. Copeland Gulen compressor was first produced in the United States.
Emerson Valley Wheel Compressor has the following outstanding characteristics: First, it has ultra-high energy efficiency: energy efficiency is 12% higher than the most advanced piston compressor in the global market; Second, it has outstanding reliability: for example, there are few moving parts, and the axial and radial compressors are patented. Its flexible design provides unprecedented resistance to liquid impact and tolerance to impurities.
Emerson Valley Wheel Compressor has the following outstanding advantages: First, it has high volumetric efficiency: for example, the pressure difference between the crescent spaces adjacent to the scroll compressor is small, the leakage is small, there is no steam suction and exhaust valve, the resistance is small, and there is no re expansion of the clearance volume. Second, the adiabatic efficiency is high: even under the same refrigeration capacity, the vortex compressor is about 10% higher than the reciprocating compressor. Third, the noise is small, and the vibration of the whole machine is small. Emerson Valley Wheel Compressor has a solid cast iron body to provide large heat dissipation area to improve the cooling effect of the compressor, and uses lightweight aluminum pistons to reduce friction and vibration. It is worth mentioning that Emerson Valley Wheel Compressor has a cutting-edge electronic protective film block, which can provide comprehensive motor protection.
Sullair is the third world-class compressor giant in the United States. SULLAIRCORP is the world's most professional and largest screw air compressor manufacturer, and has always been a leader in the field of screw compression technology. Founded in 1965, Sullair is headquartered in Michigan, Indiana, USA. Sullair belongs to United Technologies. Its products cover TX, TRE, TRX, TA and other models, which can perfectly meet the requirements of steel, petrochemical, automobile, shipbuilding, electronics, textile, chemical fiber, chemical industry, metallurgy, power generation, machinery, rubber, food and gas industries.
In the field of turbine engine, IHI Sullair compressor is the largest factory in Japan and one of the most important members in the world in the field of turbine engine development and production. The turbine engines on 80% of Boeing and Airbus aircraft in the world are jointly provided by IHI and GE. IHI has strong technical advantages, R&D capability and more than 100 years of practical experience in aerodynamic technology. It can not only produce large turbine engines with very complex structures on various aerospace equipment, but also produce the vehicle turbocharger with the smallest structure in the world. IHI centrifugal compressor has a market share of more than 80% in Japan.
Germany is a world famous mechanical power and a well-known manufacturing power. As early as 1640 AD, the (mechanical) vacuum pump made in Germany is the ancestor of modern air compression machinery in the world. In 1878, German H Krihar first proposed the concept of non internal compression air compressor, which is the screw type air compressor later. German products often mean zero failure. For users, the first choice of air compressor is zero failure, and safety and reliability is the big productivity, that is, the big "fundamental benefit" (the production benefit of the essential function). The safety and reliability of German machine is the model of the industry, and it is well known; High efficiency of German products. German machinery is an industry model, such as standard pressure, constant pressure, simplicity and stability. Germany has a world-renowned craftsmanship spirit. The German machine brings users not only zero fault safety and efficiency, but also the constant quality of efficiency that has not declined for ten years.
The famous BOGE in Germany was founded in 1907, and has accumulated more than 100 years of production experience, especially in the air compression industry. In Europe, Britain's Heathrow Airport, Mercedes Benz Automobile Factory, BMW, Fuji/Volkswagen Automobile Factory, Siemens, FAG Bearing and other large manufacturers all use BOGE air compressors. BOGE HST has become a new benchmark for oil-free compressed air. Its product high-speed turbine technology represents a huge leap in compressed air innovation. Due to the substantial reduction of the number of parts and the ingenious design principle, the air bearing drive shaft ensures that the wear during operation is particularly low, which not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also reduces the overall cost by 30%!
Kaiser Air Compressor Co., Ltd. of Germany is the leader of energy-saving air compressor system and enjoys a worldwide reputation. Kaiser of Germany has the world's advanced R&D center in the air compressor industry. It was the first to perfectly combine advanced control with today's IT information technology, significantly improving the energy efficiency of the air compressor system, greatly reducing the production and operation costs, and enabling the operation of the air compressor system to achieve scientific overall planning and humanistic management. It is worth mentioning that the ultra-low silence provides more air than the similar equipment of competitors at the same time. The SIGMA rotor technology originated from Kaiser in Germany has been applied to the screw blower. Compared with the traditional roots blower. Kaiser blower in Germany has energy saving of more than 35%.
Busch vacuum pump and vacuum system is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world. Germany Pufa Vacuum was founded in 1890 and has a history of 126 years. The company is one of the listed companies under the German TecDAX index.
Germany also has famous air compressor brands: such as Kaeser, Boge, ALUP, ECOAIR, Demag, GHH-BORSIG and other global famous brands.
One of the world-class giants of German compressors: Bizel BITZER. A world-famous R&D and manufacturer of commercial refrigeration compressors. Bizel refrigeration compressors are used in environment-friendly air conditioning and refrigeration systems, mainly in energy-efficient buildings, units, refrigeration retail and food processing industries, as well as transportation industries. Its products occupy a global leading position in the refrigeration, transportation and comfortable air conditioning industries.
Bizel produces and provides: semi closed piston compressor, open piston compressor, semi closed screw compressor, fully closed screw compressor, scroll compressor, pressure vessel, and related after-sales service. BITZER also provides compressors for automobile air conditioners for some automobile companies.
Bitzer represents the highest quality, efficiency and reliability. Bizel Bitzer is the only company that produces three main types of compressors: screw type, reciprocating type and scroll type. Bitzer has become the world's largest manufacturer of refrigeration compressors. German products have a very strict and sound quality certification and supervision system. Made in Germany means high quality, high performance, super durability, less maintenance, excellent design, etc.
The second world-class compressor giant in Germany: SECOP. The headquarters of the German Cisco Group is located in Frensburg, Germany, and was established in 1956. The original Danfoss compressor before the acquisition by German Cisco is an independent manufacturer of totally enclosed refrigeration compressors in the world, and a compressor manufacturer with the highest innovation capacity in the world. Danfoss is a world leader in air conditioning, refrigeration, food cold chain and industrial refrigeration.
There is no doubt about the quality of German Cisco compressor, because German products mean high quality. For example, under the condition of low energy consumption, the Skopje BD series compressor still maintains excellent performance and ultra quiet operation. It operates normally and remains safe and reliable even when it is tilted 30 degrees. BD has a very wide voltage input range, such as 12V/24V/48V
Japan is an important compressor manufacturing power in the world. And from 1982 to 2008, Japan's industrial machinery production has always ranked first in the world. In 1982, Japan won the first place in the world of industrial machinery from the United States. For a long time, only Japan and Germany can fully master the core technology of scroll air conditioning compressor. Japan has many world-class compressor brands: Toshiba Carrier, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic, SANYO (Panasonic), Hitachi HITACHI, Nissan, Kawasaki, Ishikawa (IHI), Mitsui, Ebara and Kobe.
Japanese famous brands also include Tanabe, a marine air compressor, and AIRMAN, a piston engine. In fact, these Japanese air compressor brands have very strong performance and quality, and they all have exclusive technology.
Japanese brands have accumulated a lot in the core technology of air conditioners. For example, Mitsubishi Electric can produce all kinds of top-level compressors, which are favored by many high-end flagship Chinese brands and listed as the main selling points; Hitachi is the pioneer of the scroll compressor, with worldwide patents. Hitachi has also developed PAM+PWM dual mode control technology; Although Toshiba has gone downhill in recent years, Toshiba is the pioneer of variable frequency air conditioning, and has mastered the top variable frequency control technology in the field of air conditioning. There are many similar patented technologies.
It is worth mentioning that the performance of Japanese brand compressors is very strong, especially various advanced enthalpy increasing patented technologies. Even in the face of the extreme low temperature of minus 25 ℃, you can get enough heat from the outside, and you don't need electric auxiliary heat for heating at all. Japanese high-quality compressor heaters often consume one electric energy to carry three heat, while electric auxiliary heat can only consume one electric energy to produce one heat.
One of the world-class giants of Japanese compressors: HITACHI. Hitachi's patented compressor technology ranks first in the world. Hitachi began its research and development in 1970, and manufactured the world's first scroll compressor in 1983 with patents. It has the richest experience in the manufacturing and application of scroll compressors. For more than 30 years, Hitachi has developed into the third generation compressor, and is the only enterprise in the world that can produce high back pressure combined curve compressor. From the early 1980s to the late 1990s, other brands in the world did not have their own compressor technology, and they did not develop their own compressor technology until Hitachi's patent protection expired; In 2003, although the patent protection period expired, Hitachi invented the compressor with high pressure chamber and internal oil separation, and it also has a patent, becoming the most advanced compressor in the world. This is why other brands still use Hitachi's obsolete low pressure chamber compressor technology.
A single Hitachi high-pressure chamber compressor can reach 12HP, which is the largest capacity in the industry, so the heating speed is strong! Hitachi compressor features low wear, low noise, long service life, strong stability and good energy conservation.
Hitachi compressor has internal oil separation function and good operation effect. Hitachi can realize 90 second fast heating. Hitachi's scroll compressor has the lowest failure rate and the longest service life because it has no vulnerable parts such as exhaust valve and slide. Especially low noise. Hitachi's scroll compressor with large capacity, high pressure chamber, internal oil separation and asymmetric scroll plate, the only fourth generation technology, can be called the first in the world.
Hitachi has developed a fully automatic washing machine, produced the first 470000KW nuclear power generation equipment made in Japan, successfully conducted the world's first optical fiber transmission system test, and developed the world's smallest remote control IC chip, which is only 0.3mm.
The obvious advantages of Hitachi compressor: Hitachi is the inventor and leader of the global scroll compressor, especially with 32 years of technology, and the stability of compressor performance is second to none in the world. Hitachi and Mitsubishi are excellent representatives in the global high-end air-conditioning field. It is worth mentioning that Hitachi has invented and manufactured the world's first scroll air conditioning compressor and has a patent. Hitachi high-capacity scroll compressor adopts a new drive mechanism, which can effectively prevent the capacity decline caused by excess refrigerant oil in the refrigeration cycle, and greatly improve the efficiency.
Hitachi uses IPM (embedded rotor) technology to increase torque by 20%, greatly improve motor efficiency, and save more energy than AC motors and traditional DC motors. In particular, Hitachi's efficient rotor type Hitachi compressor, the pure Hitachi "core", has strong power. Hitachi has used super metal materials in the field of air conditioning compressors. In particular, the application of six pole high-efficiency motor enhances the efficiency of magnetic cutting. Cooperate with efficient filtering technology to improve motor efficiency.
The second world-class compressor giant in Japan: Toshiba Carrier Co., Ltd. (formerly Toshiba Air Conditioning Department): It is a joint venture company with Carrier (the largest supplier of air conditioning equipment in the world) in the United States, and its business scope covers all parts of the world. Toshiba Carrier Co., Ltd. has always been in a leading position in the air conditioning industry, and is committed to cutting-edge technological innovation, high-tech product development and manufacturing. Toshiba Carrier Co., Ltd. has concentrated Toshiba's advantages in electronic technology and small and medium-sized variable-frequency air conditioners, and Carrier's advantages in large central air conditioning equipment and refrigerators, especially its world leading position in product development and manufacturing.
Toshiba's products are used in all walks of life. Toshiba air-conditioners can be seen from government agencies to schools and hospitals, from bank buildings to theaters, from luxury office buildings to top shops, from airport stations to private clubs, and even on the newly developed trains of Shinkansen in Japan. Toshiba has created a new world in the field of air conditioning, and Toshiba's air conditioning has reached the peak in the field of world technology.
Japan's third world-class compressor giant: Iwata&Skoros CREW. Yantian is a listed company. Compared with air compressor, its spraying equipment is more well-known in the spraying industry and enjoys high praise in the industry. Its air compressor has the best scroll air compressor, rotary tooth air compressor and oil-free screw compressor in the industry, mainly high-end air compressor. Scolo has always been committed to screw air compressor, and a brand is committed to high-end oil-free products, The other one focuses on the screw air compressor, which is more widely used, and has outstanding advantages. The product is exquisite and has low specific power. At the same time, the price should be the most advantageous of Japanese products. Scolo has a factory in Shanghai, which is their largest production base in Asia. This should be the highest sales volume in China among the four companies, especially in China.
KOBELCO is the fourth world-class compressor giant in Japan. KOSCO, the full name of Kobe Steel Works, is one of the three major industrial manufacturers in Japan. Its core businesses include raw material industry and machinery industry. Its steel industry is very strong, and it is the steel supplier of major Japanese automobile companies (but the previous fraud storm has been greatly affected). There are other material industries, and the machinery industry is famous for construction machinery. Many people know that KOSCO is known from its excavators, The Air Compressor Division is one of the earliest manufacturers of air compressors in Japan. It entered the Chinese market in 2000 and has a factory in Shanghai. Its main products are micro oil screw machines and oil-free screw machines. The product line is complete and the performance is good.
The fifth world-class compressor giant in Japan: Mitsui MITSUI SEIKI. Mitsui Group, as the leading financial group in Japan, has many well-known enterprises such as Toshiba, Ishikawa Shimo and Toyota. The air compressor is really just a small member. It was originally operated independently to meet the needs of the members of the organization. The product feature is that it has excellent oil-free lubrication products in the global industry. Many manufacturers of oil-free air compressors use Mitsui's mainframe.
The sixth world-class compressor giant in Japan: DENSO compressor. As one of the few auto parts manufacturers in the world, Dianzhuang Co., Ltd. ranks first in Japan. It has profound achievements in compressor, stable quality and good performance. The main supporting customers are Benz BMW, Toyota Honda Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Ford logo, etc.
Brazil has strong compressor technology in the world, and has the world-renowned compressor giant Embraco, which once accounted for nearly 25% of the global refrigeration compressor market. For example, in 1987, the signing of the Montreal Agreement required the mandatory replacement of chlorofluorocarbons. Refrigerant harmless to the ozone layer, such as propane, began to be used in refrigeration systems. Embraco, a global leader in refrigerator compressors headquartered in Brazil, has begun to develop compressors that can replace CFC refrigerants. Today, Embraco of Brazil has developed a series of products that meet the environmental requirements, using propane and R600a as refrigerants, and will not damage the atmospheric ozone layer.
Embraco, a world-class compressor giant in Brazil. Embraco is a leading manufacturer in the global hermetic refrigeration compressor market. Embraco is a company focusing on refrigeration solutions. In 1974, Embraco, located in the southern part of Brazil, was put into production. With the economic globalization in the early 1990s, Embraco began to set up production bases outside Brazil and expand global sales, consolidating its global leading position.
Britain is a powerful country in manufacturing compressors. About 1800, the first single-stage (reciprocating piston) air compressor was made in Britain, with an exhaust pressure of 1.38MPa (gauge pressure). In 1829, the first two-stage reciprocating air compressor with intermediate cooling was designed in Britain.
The UK has the oldest CompAir and Hydrovane compressors. For example, the CompAir Broomwade compressor in 1936 has excellent reliability and durability, which has set an amazing service record of 81 years.
In addition, the Hydrovane compressor in 1963 was selected by the Gardner Denver dealer (Richard Coar from Airvane Compressors). The Hydrovane equipment that has served for 54 years is currently carrying out daily work at Manchester University (a site that has been at the forefront of engineering since its establishment). It is worth mentioning that the site led the development of the world's first computer and achieved many first achievements in the aerospace field. Among the existing and past researchers of the research center, 25 were Nobel laureates, and recently won the Nobel Prize for the development of graphene.
CompAir CompAir, a world-class compressor giant in Britain. CompAir is a global leader in compressors and a professional manufacturer of air compressors in the UK with a long history. Its headquarters are located in London, UK. It has a very large transnational organization. CompAir has the most modern production equipment manufactured in the production base. It is worth mentioning that CompAir has its own spare parts distribution warehouses in the UK, continental Europe, the United States, Australia and China, and these distribution centers have stocks of all standard compressor components.
Italy is an important compressor manufacturing power in the world and Europe. Italy has a famous Duling compressor giant. It is worth mentioning that Duling's carbon dioxide compressor technology is the most revolutionary new technology product launched by Italy Duling Company. Due to the high working pressure, large differential pressure and small pressure ratio of CO, the research and development of CO compressor has always been a difficulty in the industry, and Duling compressor has always been committed to solving this problem. Duling Company was once the only manufacturer in the world to realize batch production of semi enclosed CO compressors.
Coltri sub, a famous Italian company, is a world-famous multinational enterprise specializing in the production of high-pressure air compressors with a history of more than 50 years. Its products have won the trust of users in more than 150 countries and regions due to their high quality, cost-effective and excellent service. Especially in the fire, diving, industry, aerospace and other fields play a pivotal role.
Italy's world-class compression brand - Zanussi (ZEL). Zanussi (ZEL) compressor is an original famous Italian brand, which was acquired by Electrolux. It has a very important manufacturing base in Tianjin, China. From 2001 to 2010, it was the compressor choice brand of major commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers, enjoying great reputation in Europe. Its products are suitable for 220V/50Hz power supply requirements. Zanussi refrigerator compressor is a famous supporting product in the domestic refrigerator market.
France has many world-renowned compressor brands. For example, CP Chicago Pneumatic in France is a world-famous high-quality brand of tools and compressors; Chicago Pneumatic has become a global brand that can provide tools and compressors for almost all industries and countless applications. Cp division in France is one of the few high-quality enterprises in the same industry. The three major companies, chicago pneumatic, desoutter and georges renault, are now integrated to provide a wide range of fastening, drilling and grinding tools for the world more effectively.
France has Taikang Tecumseh, a famous compressor giant, and its fully enclosed piston compressor is a leading player in the global industry. The outstanding characteristics of the French Taikang compressor are: 1. The super high energy efficiency ratio is 12% higher than the piston compressor on the market at present; 2. Outstanding reliability with few moving parts, the patented flexible design of Taikang in the axial and radial directions provides unprecedented resistance to liquid impact and tolerance to impurities; 3. The built-in motor circuit breaker can effectively protect the motor from high temperature and high current damage; 4. Low noise/low exhaust pulse noise value is more than 5 decibels lower than that of piston compressor; 5. Simplify the system design The unique unloading start design makes it unnecessary to start the capacitor/relay when the single-phase compressor starts; 6. Nearly 100% volumetric efficiency brings exceptional heating capacity. Taikang compressor is very suitable for quick freezing equipment, industrial, agricultural, commercial and other refrigeration systems.
The manufacturing strength of Korean compressors is very strong. South Korea has two world-class manufacturers of electronic appliances and compressors - LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, including some companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry such as WiniaMando, Carrera Korea, Daewoo, Century, etc. Korean famous compressor brands: Samsung and LG (LG).
Samsung produced the first compressor in 1976. In the 40 years since then, the number of compressors produced has exceeded 200 million. The speed of producing one set every 3 seconds has reached the highest production capacity in the global market at that time.
Samsung has significantly reduced the volume of the compressor, but still maintained its high efficiency and stability. This achievement not only helped Samsung successfully develop the "dual compressor" technology - two compressors are placed in one refrigerator at the same time, but also helped Samsung successfully create a refrigeration system that can independently operate the refrigeration chamber and the refrigeration chamber by using this technology in 1995.
It is worth mentioning that Samsung once occupied 52% of the market share of intelligent variable frequency compressor, which is an important component of variable frequency refrigerator. Therefore, more than half of the world's variable-frequency refrigerators were once equipped with Samsung compressors. The intelligent variable frequency compressor can accurately control the power consumption of the refrigerator through the use frequency of the refrigerator. Its intelligent variable frequency compressor will improve the power efficiency by nearly 35%. Many Samsung intelligent variable frequency compressors are installed in high-end refrigerator products under the brand. The excellent performance of intelligent variable frequency compressor once laid a solid foundation for Samsung to become the leading refrigerator manufacturer in the global mainstream market.
Swiss compressors are very strong. There are many world-class compressor giants. For example, Buchhead of Switzerland is one of the largest reciprocating compressor manufacturers in the world, and the compressor technology is at the leading level in the world. As we all know, compressor is the core of ethylene plant, and a few companies in the world, such as Buchhead, Siemens, GEA and KOBE, can do it.
For another example, as early as 1878, Burckhardt Maschinenfadrik AG in Switzerland produced the company's first air compressor with control slide valve for gas distribution.
Switzerland HAUG Compressor Company is located in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The company has been established for more than 110 years. It is a world leading company specializing in manufacturing oil-free piston compressors. Switzerland HAUG Compressor Company has been committed to providing innovative solutions in the field of oil-free dry compressors for a long time, and has always been in the market position.
The famous Swiss ABS compressor has advanced design, proven magnetic bearing technology and high-speed motor driven by built-in frequency converter. It is worth mentioning that Swiss ABS compressor products do not have wearing parts or lubricants, so they require the least maintenance. It has unique drive technology to achieve the best operating efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

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