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Can air compressor lubricating oil be mixed?

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Update time : 2023-02-20 09:48:48
Can you mix lubricating oil? Many people think that there is no big problem with the mixed use of lubricating oil, but in actual cases, there are many problems caused by the hasty mixed use of lubricating oil, so it is very important to understand the knowledge of the mixed-use of lubricating oil.
Common classification of oil mixing
1. Mixed use of different types of oil
Different types of oil can never be mixed (such as hydraulic oil and gear oil). Different types of oil products, whether base oil or additives are different. When mixed, they may react with a high probability and affect the key performance of lubricating oil, such as anti-oxidation and anti-wear. In serious cases, a large number of sludge and foam may be produced, resulting in poor lubrication of equipment and abnormal wear.
2. Mixed use of oil products of the same type and different brands
Due to various reasons, the equipment may change the lubricating oil brand. At this time, if the lubricating system is not thoroughly flushed, the new and old lubricating oil will be mixed. After the oil products of the same type and different brands are mixed, if the types of base oil and additives of the two oils are different, sludge and foam will also be produced, which is not conducive to the lubrication of equipment.
3. Mixed use of oil products of the same brand and series with different viscosity grades
This kind of situation is rare, usually due to the special requirements of the equipment working conditions, or the wrong oil replenishment. Generally, the base oil and additives used in the same series of lubricants are the same, but the viscosity is different. The change in viscosity will lead to a change in lubricant film strength, which will affect the antiwear performance of the lubricant. Therefore, if it is not for the special needs of equipment lubrication when it is found that the same series of oils with different viscosity are mixed, remedial measures should be taken in time to add the correct new oil to avoid abnormal wear of the equipment.
What are the adverse effects and signs of incompatibility of the oil mixture?
Lubricating oil has the functions of reducing friction, reducing wear, cooling, corrosion prevention, and cleaning. However, if lubricating oils are mixed, their performance may be affected when they are incompatible, making your machine run in "sub-health" unconsciously, and even damaging the machine in serious cases. The following are problems that may occur when lubricating oil is mixed and incompatible:
1. Oil film strength is affected: wear increases, the temperature rises, heat, vibration, or noise.
2. Decreased demulsification capacity: the lubricating oil originally has good demulsification capacity - it can be quickly separated from water in contact with water, but the demulsification capacity of the mixed lubricating oil is not good, and the lubricating oil emulsification phenomenon occurs.
3. Color change: It is normal for the color and transparency of lubricating oil to change with use. However, the color of the lubricating oil changes, and the transparency decreases before it is used much. It should be considered whether incompatible lubricating oil is introduced.
4. Bubble problem: the antifoam property decreases and foam increases.
5. Presence of insoluble substances: flocs, precipitation of additives, paint film, sludge, sediment, dirt layer left in the mirror or oil pool after the oil level drops, oil filter clogged in advance, which may be the by-products of incompatible lubricating oil.
6. Peroxidation of lubricating oil: There are many symptoms of oil oxidation, including a sudden increase in acid value, sudden change in viscosity, and accompanied by oil sludge, which smells sour.
7. Sudden increase of particulate matter: a particulate matter of unknown cause - may be the precipitation of additives or the product of the chemical reaction between additives and base oil.
8. Uneven texture of oil: under normal circumstances, the lubricating oil should be uniform in texture. In case of uneven texture such as layering and sedimentation, consider whether incompatible lubricating oil is mixed.
Therefore, the mixed-use lubricating oil needs to be carefully operated. If it has to be mixed or replaced due to special reasons, it needs to conduct a professional technical evaluation and mixing test to ensure that all physical and chemical indicators of lubricating oil are qualified before starting.
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