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Working Order Of Oil-Free Air Compressor

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Update time : 2020-02-26 12:47:51
1. Remove the inlet and exhaust valves at all levels.
2. When the air compressor is idling at the beginning, first turn on the motor and start the switch several times in succession to investigate the working direction of the air compressor and the normal working of each mechanism. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, then the closing works in turn for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and 4-8 hours. Before each work, you should check the condition of each part of the air compressor, and acknowledge that you must start and work after normal work.
3. When the motion mechanism selects smooth circulation, the pressure before the smooth oil is input into the distribution pipe system during work must not exceed the value specified in the technical file of the equipment, but it must not be lower than 1 kg / c㎡. The temperature of the smooth oil in the crankcase or the fuselage is: air compressors with crossheads must not exceed 60 ° C; those without crossheads must not exceed 70 °C.
4. The acoustic response of each moving part during work is normal, and there should be no bumping noise or noise.
5. When working dry, there should be no loosening of the fasteners of the connecting parts of the air compressor.
6. The oiler should fill the cylinder with the oil well, and the cooling water should be dredged.
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