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What is the reason for the poor oil separation effect of air compressor?

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Update time : 2021-12-06 14:07:20
The air compressor uses original parts, and the products provided have undergone strict quality control. The quality of the air compressor is guaranteed to be related to the quality of the oil and gas separation components. We list the common reasons that affect the poor performance of the oil and gas separator.


1. Reasons for installation:

1. The seals should be placed correctly, and there should be electrostatic conduction measures. The oil-resistant seals can work normally at a high temperature of 120 degrees.

2. For the vertical installation of the outer intake oil separator, the oil return pipe must be long enough and run straight into the oil separator until it reaches the recessed surface of the bottom end cover.

3. Use commercial quality lubricating oil, the lubricating oil system should not be mixed with any foreign matter, and all the oil should be replaced regularly.

4. When installing the screw-in oil-air separator, the return pipe must be placed at the bottom of the separator. 

2. The oil partial pressure difference rises too quickly

The oil partial pressure difference is formed by the solid particles in the compressed air staying in the oil core filter layer.

1. Both the air filter and the oil filter for the air compressor have a lifespan of F. Both must be replaced on time. Low-quality air filters and oil filters should not be used.

2. When the oil quality is low, it will be aged, oxidized, clogged and contaminated by the jelly, the filter element and the oil filter

3. The oil and gas separation tank of the air compressor should be drained regularly, otherwise the filter element is easy to rust.


3. Excessive fuel consumption (excessive oil content in exhaust gas)

1. The oil return pipe is blocked or the oil return pipe does not work. In this case, a large amount of oil is stored in the oil separator core, and the oil is carried out by gas in a large amount.

2. Excessive refueling in the oil tank results in high oil content in the gas entering the oil separation core, and the separation effect of the oil separation core increases and the separation effect is reduced.

3. The design of the oil tank is unreasonable, the diameter of the oil and gas barrel is small, or the mechanical separation structure is not good.

4. The oil separation core is unreasonable in the design, and the size of the oil separation core is too small, resulting in poor separation effect.

5. The material of the sealing ring and gasket is not suitable, is not resistant to oil or the position is not good, causing oil leakage at the seal.

6. The compressor is used to reduce the pressure, the displacement becomes larger, and the separation effect of the filter element reduces the residual oil volume and increases.

7. The temperature of the compressor is too high when the compressor is working, the oil evaporation will be accelerated, and the concentration of oil mist reaching the oil separation core will be large.