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What is the reason for the automatic start and stop of Ingersoll Rand air compressor?

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Update time : 2021-07-23 15:43:20
During the long-term use of Ingersoll Rand air compressor, some failures will inevitably occur. For example, the air compressor will often encounter the phenomenon of automatic start and stop during work. Then, what is the reason for the automatic start and stop of the air compressor? Woolen cloth? How to solve it? Next we will analyze it.


1. Electrical part: The air compressor suddenly stops during operation. You should first check whether there is a fault prompt. If there is a fault prompt, check it. If not, continue to turn on and check the cause. When the air compressor is in use, there is a phase failure reminder to check whether the air switch and contactor are normal, and whether there are focal spots on the electric shock. If there is, it is recommended to replace with new ones.


2. Controller: The controller has a shutdown delay during use, which means that the main controller is broken and needs to be replaced. Because no one presses the shutdown switch during the work process, the machine cannot show that there is a shutdown delay. Remember that there is no indication of failure at this time.


3. Fuse: When the air compressor is turned on, it is normal. During the star-delta conversion or the load is stopped, the fuse should be checked first to see if it is blown. Then check whether the motor and machine head are stuck. At this time, it should be over-current shutdown. It is recommended to check the motor and machine head.


4. Inlet valve failure: the air valve cannot be closed when unloading, and the air is still inhaling at this time, resulting in high-pressure shutdown.


5. Blockage of the oil separator: The quality of the lubricating oil used is poor, and the lubricating oil used for a long time may cause the oil to be blocked. The internal pressure of the machine is high and the oil is injected, and the machine will stop after the high temperature of the machine is less than the oil. Under normal circumstances, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the oil separation core should not exceed 1 kg.


6. Emergency stop switch failure: If the emergency stop switch fails, the machine will stop, and the pressure or temperature sensor will be broken, which will cause the machine to stop.


The above is the analysis of the reasons for the automatic start and stop of the air compressor. I hope it will be helpful to all users. Users should not ignore the failure of automatic start and stop. Although sometimes it can start normal operation after a few times of automatic start and stop, but This is just a temporary cover up of hidden troubles. It is recommended to find a professional for overall maintenance when encountering such a situation.