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How to reduce the failure rate of air compressors and effectively save resource costs?

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Update time : 2021-07-22 16:48:00
Among enterprise users, how to maintain air compressors, reduce the failure rate of air compressors, and save resource costs is a commonplace talk. Many times business owners will think that the failure of the air compressor is due to poor maintenance, but this is not necessarily true; as a power production equipment, the air compressor must wear out mechanical parts under continuous operation, so naturally these Mechanical components also have the greatest wear and service life, but this process is relatively slow, a bit like a process of dripping through stones.

So, how to reduce the failure rate of the air compressor and effectively save resources and costs is what we explain this time. It is actually very simple. There are only two methods: one is to pay attention to the maintenance of the air compressor system and continue to be stable; the other is Monitor the operating conditions of the parts of the air compressor, and promptly repair and replace the parts when they reach a certain wear rate and service life.


For example: there are 20 sets of air compressors in an enterprise, all of which have reached the service life of 10 years. Among them, the bearings of a certain part of the 3 sets of air compressors have been damaged at different points in time before and after, so you can judge the others. The bearings of this part of the 17 sets of air compressors have actually reached the end of their service life. It is necessary to replace them in advance to eliminate the potential failures and prevent and eliminate the failure points in advance to avoid further resource cost losses caused by sudden failures, such as Causes the air compressor circuit to be overloaded, short-circuited, and even the whole machine is scrapped.

1. Improve the design and control the occurrence of faults from the source

We can achieve the effect of eradicating some faults by improving the design, analyzing and summarizing such faults, proposing solutions, taking reasonable measures, and controlling them from the source, which can achieve the effect of maintenance-free.


2. Improve the maintenance level of air compressors by improving management

   The core of air compressor management is to achieve production and operation goals, improve the overall efficiency of air compressors, and pursue life cycle cost economy. According to the characteristics of the company's air compressor, formulate an air compressor management system that meets the actual situation of the company to improve the company's air compressor maintenance level. For example, for different air compressors, whether to adopt the post-maintenance mode or the preventive maintenance mode, or to formulate a spot inspection mode that conforms to the actual situation of the enterprise, etc.

There are roughly two types: piston air compressors or screw air compressors. Most of the mechanical equipment relies on electric motors as power to drive the equipment to operate continuously. The same is true for air compressors. Air compressors need to inhale a large amount of air through the piston. Back-and-forth movement or high-speed rotation of the screw to squeeze the air into the air tank at high pressure. In this continuous process, the air compressor has to suck in a large amount of air, so the fine dust in the air will continue to accumulate, and the air filter should be discharged regularly. The dust on the above or replace the air filter; the air compressor should keep the moving parts lubricated when working continuously, and the oil should be replaced regularly; the air compressor’s air storage cylinder will generate water due to the entry of a large amount of air condensed water molecules, so it is necessary Regularly discharge the water in the air storage cylinder. The screw air compressor uses oil circulation to dissipate heat. The radiator must remove dust every day to improve the efficiency of the radiator, and the special oil for the air compressor must be replaced regularly.