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What is the air compressor post-processing equipment?

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Update time : 2021-12-02 16:24:48

What is the air compressor post-processing equipment? What? The working principle of the air compressor is: the air is discharged after multiple mechanical steps of compression, rear cooler cooling, air-water separator separation, and buffer tank stabilization. At this time, the discharged compressed air is generally in a saturated state. The relative humidity is 100%, and the air contains oil, solid particles and other impurities. The quality of this compressed air is basically not up to the standard required by the working conditions and cannot be used directly. At this time, post-processing equipment is required to correct The discharged compressed air is dried and purified.


There are three drying methods for compressed air in the industry:

1) Use adsorbent to selectively adsorb water vapor in compressed air for dehydration and drying. Such as adsorption compressed air dryer.

2) Use the deliquescent characteristics of certain chemical substances for dehydration and drying. Such as deliquescent compressed air dryer.

3) Use the characteristic that the partial pressure of water vapor in the compressed air is determined by the temperature of the compressed air for cooling, dehydration and drying. Such as refrigerated compressed air dryer.


Among the above three types of compressed air drying equipment, deliquescent compressed air dryers have been basically eliminated; and cold dryers and adsorption compressed air dryers (hereinafter referred to as "suction dryers") are now being widely used.

The use of refrigerated refrigeration dryer (cold dryer) and precision filter

The correct use of refrigerated refrigeration dryers is an important prerequisite for obtaining the required dew point compressed air, saving regeneration energy consumption and prolonging the service life of the equipment. The refrigeration dryer is rarely used alone, almost in all pneumatic pipe networks, the refrigeration dryer is used in conjunction with the filter. This is not only to meet the needs of gas quality, but also the need for the normal operation of the refrigerated refrigeration dryer itself.


A typical refrigerated refrigerated dryer system is equipped with two filters before the air inlet of the refrigerated refrigerated dryer, and a filter is installed after the air outlet. Their functions are:

(1) Main line filter. Its function is to remove large liquid water droplets and in vivo particles in the compressed air intake. If the cold dryer is in a state of a large amount of liquid water and solid impurities for a long time, it will gradually reduce the dehumidification capacity. Therefore, the setting of the dewatering filter is very necessary. The filtration accuracy: 1um, the water removal rate: 100%, the oil mist removal rate: 70%; it is used in the pre-filter of pneumatic tools, the pre-filter of the precision filter, and the adsorption dryer. Front and rear filters, air system main line filters.


(2) Oil mist filter. Filtration accuracy: 0.01um, 100% water removal rate, 99.999% oil mist removal rate. Because if the air entering the refrigeration dryer contains a large amount of oil film, it will reduce the heat exchange effect of the heat exchanger in the refrigeration dryer. In the long run, the dewatering effect of the refrigeration dryer will be greatly reduced, and the outlet dew point will also rise at the same time. Therefore, oil-free air is provided for the use of oily air compressors to meet the needs of precision instruments, spray paint, drug packaging and electronics industries.


(3) Micro-oil mist filter. After being processed by the cold dryer, most of the water is removed, but due to various reasons, there may still be certain impurities in the air, or the air quality required by the process cannot be reached. At this time, it needs to be installed at the outlet of the cold dryer. A filter: activated carbon adsorption filter: filtration accuracy: 0.01um, residual oil rate only: 0.003PPm. Used in food, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, diving protection gas, high-efficiency degreaser rear filter, adsorption part degreaser filter can not remove the oil vapor.