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What is the reason why the screw air compressor is not pumping up?

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Update time : 2021-09-06 16:26:31
There are roughly several reasons for screw air compressors with no load or lack of air when loaded:

1. The air filter is clogged---------Blow out impurities or replace with new ones
2. The oil and gas separator is blocked---------replace with new parts
3. Solenoid valve leaks-------------clean or replace with new parts
4. Leakage of gas pipeline components---------check and repair
5. Some models of belt slip-replace new parts, tension belt
6. The intake valve cannot be fully opened-----clean and replace damaged parts
7. Maintenance not in accordance with the specified time-------Maintain in accordance with the instructions, replace the filter element at 2000H, and replace the lubricating oil at 4000H
8. Carbon deposits in air compressor oil-replace the lubricating oil, clean the twin-screw rotor
Example: Air compressor has no pressure air discharge failure
Determine the cause of the failure:

1. The pressure relief valve of the air compressor is stuck, and the valve plate is deformed or broken;
2. Excessive carbon deposits in the intake and exhaust ports.

Troubleshooting method:

1. Check the pressure relief valve components, clean and replace failed parts.
2. Disassemble and inspect the cylinder head, check the valve plate, and replace the deformed or broken valve plate.
3. Disassemble and inspect the cylinder head, and clean the valve seat plate and valve disc.
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