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Use and maintenance of lubrication system of gas compressor

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Update time : 2021-09-16 14:56:54
The most common faults in gas compressors are abnormal wear and seizure of the piston and piston ring, rotor parts, sliding support, seizure of the crosshead slider, and abnormal heat generation. These failures are directly or indirectly related to the improper use and maintenance of the lubrication system and lubrication device.

As a maintenance person, in addition to learning and mastering the general knowledge of the composition principle, performance structure, and use requirements of the relevant lubrication system and its device, it should also continue to summarize and accumulate experience in practice, strengthen daily use and maintenance work, to ensure that the air compressor Its lubrication system always maintains good operating conditions.

Pay attention to the following points in daily inspection and regular maintenance:

(1) Keep the lubricating oil clean. Dirty oil or deteriorated lubricating oil will cause a vicious circle of accelerating the wear of parts. For the forced circulation lubrication system, attention should be paid to timely replacement and cleaning of the filter element in the clogged oil filter; Avoid exposing the oil in the oil tank or oil pool to the air to prevent dust and dirt from being mixed into the oil. Generally, air filters can be used to communicate with the atmosphere in the pressureless oil tank and oil pool; during medium and overhaul The oil should be sampled and tested for its composition. If the oil change index is reached or exceeded, the oil should be replaced and supplemented in whole or in part. Usually every 3 months to half a year (or work 2000-4000h) can be replaced with new oil.

(2) Regular inspections should be made. Regular inspections should be made to see if solid carbon particles and sludge accumulate in the cylinders, air valves and exhaust pipes. Once discovered, they should be removed in time, otherwise it may cause combustion and explosion of the cylinder and increase the exhaust resistance. Abnormal fever.

(3) Pay attention to the working state of the air compressor. Pay attention to the working state of the air compressor. Regularly check the lubrication and wear conditions of the cylinder valve, and adjust the amount of lubricating oil in a timely manner to prevent excessive lubricating oil and insufficient lubricating oil. . For the forced circulation system, the lubrication pressure indicator is too low or significantly decreased, which often results in insufficient lubricating oil. At this time, the machine should be shut down for maintenance in time, and spare parts and spare parts should be replaced if necessary.

(4) Pay attention to maintaining the oil temperature in the lubrication system. The normal temperature of the oil in the oil tank or oil pool is 40-50℃. If the oil temperature is too high, the viscosity of the oil will decrease, the oil is easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and the oil temperature is too low. Increased, fluidity deteriorates, both of which will cause insufficient lubrication. The oil temperature can be directly observed from a thermometer (meter), and an indirect reaction can also be obtained from the cooling water temperature of the cold circulating water in the cylinder or the oil cooler. The cooling water temperature is too high or too low will affect the lubricating oil. Working temperature and viscosity of lubricating oil.
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