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Is there any way to reduce the noise of the air compressor?

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Update time : 2021-09-23 16:36:34
Air compressors are general-purpose machinery products with a large volume and a wide range. They are widely used in industrial production, machinery, mining, chemical and construction industries. Most air compressors produce relatively high noise levels and large impacts, which have become important One of the sources of environmental noise pollution. From production to manufacturing, solving the noise problem of air compressors can improve the quality of products in one step. Solving the noise of air compressors can greatly help improve the working environment, people’s livelihood and industrial diseases caused by noise pollution. , The noise pollution of air compressors needs to be reasonably controlled, and the country has increased its management efforts in this regard.

Noise pollution is also an important factor in environmental pollution. People living near factories or highways are more or less troubled by noise from mechanical equipment and automobiles. The use of noise pollution indicators as indicators for assessing factories and living environment has long been included in the national environmental protection standards. Then, equipment production suppliers should also have the responsibility and obligation to reduce noise pollution during the operation of machinery and equipment through technical means, and to better create a low-decibel working and living environment.

At present, the control of air compressor noise mainly adopts three methods: muffler, silencing tunnel and sound insulation technology:

1. Install air compressor muffler
The main noise source of the air compressor is the intake and exhaust ports, and appropriate intake and exhaust mufflers should be selected. The frequency spectrum of air compressor intake noise presents low-frequency characteristics, and the intake muffler should use a resistant structure or an impedance composite structure based on individual and resistance. The exhaust air pressure of the air compressor is large and the air flow velocity is high. A small hole muffler should be used at the air compressor exhaust port.

2. Set up air compressor muffler tunnel
The underground or semi-underground tunnel of the anechoic tunnel, the wall of the tunnel is made of bricks with good sound absorption. Connect the intake pipe of the air compressor to the silencing tunnel, so that the air enters the air compressor through the silencing tunnel. The use of muffler tunnels can greatly reduce the intake noise of the air compressor, and the service life is longer than that of general mufflers.

3. Establish a sound insulation cover
After installing mufflers at the intake and exhaust ports of the air compressor or silencing tunnels, the airflow noise can be reduced to below 80db(a), but the mechanical noise and motor noise of the air compressor are still very high, so the air compressor Install a sound insulation cover on the unit of the machine.

4. Suspended space sound absorber
In the air compressor station, the tall and empty factory buildings have heavy reverberation. If the sound absorber is dispersed and suspended on the roof of the factory building, the noise of the factory building can be reduced by 3-10db, and the reverberation time can be reduced by 5-10s.
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