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What is the solution to the high temperature of the air compressor?

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Update time : 2021-10-09 15:37:45
We usually find that many customers are dealing with the over-temperature shutdown of the air compressor, which is just clearing the cooler and changing the oil. This method has a very obvious effect for new machines. But for the old machine more than two years old, it is a temporary solution rather than a permanent cure. Often shortly after cleaning up, the phenomenon of over-temperature shutdown occurs again. In this case, we always suspect that the cooler has not been cleaned thoroughly, but is this the real reason?

In fact, the cooler is not completely clear is only one reason. However, the oil circuit system of the machine has a huge hidden danger of over-temperature. Most of the current air compressors use mineral oil or semi-synthetic oil based on mineral oil, and the service life is generally between 2000-4000 hours. This kind of oil usually has coking in about two years of operation. This phenomenon will occur even if the oil is changed normally, because it is impossible to discharge 100% of the sunken oil every time the oil is changed. The remaining sunken oil is deposited at the bottom of the gear box and other low points in the oil circuit, and then participates in the oil circuit together with the new oil. Running for a certain period of time will cause the oil to deteriorate and cause coking. The discharge port of the air compressor will discharge green or blue discharge liquid. When the oil is changed, the oil will have a very high viscosity and bituminous hard blocks will be discharged. If it continues to run, it will be difficult to start the machine cold, and the motor will often be overloaded. In the most serious case, the host may even fail to rotate, resulting in false lock.

It turns out that to deal with this situation, the host is usually disassembled. Soak in a special cleaning agent, and then clean and soak the oil separator tank, cooler and main oil circuit components. The process is complicated, time-consuming and laborious. And all the seals of the machine must be replaced after soaking. The cost of cleaning once is very expensive, but now it does not need to be so cumbersome to deal with this situation. You only need to test the oil samples with a special test agent for oil coking, such as confirming that the oil is coking. Just add one-tenth of the amount of lubricating oil to the lubricating oil, add cleaning agent, start running for 40-60 hours, drain off the lubricating oil, the inside of the machine will be thoroughly cleaned, and then add new oil to operate normally, saving time and effort , The cost is low.

The oil temperature is too high, mainly due to the following

1. Use air compressor oil that does not meet the standard, so that the machine is easier to burn off, and the piston and cylinder will wear out.

Solution: Use qualified air compressor oil

2. As the gap between the connecting rod sleeve and the crankshaft becomes larger, the oil temperature increases.

Solution: Replace the crankshaft inch sleeve and connecting rod sleeve.

3. The piston of the high-pressure stage cylinder is not sealed, and the air leakage causes the high-pressure gas to flow back and the temperature in the crankcase becomes higher.

Solution: Replace the piston ring

4. The valve core leaks, causing high-pressure gas to run from the secondary gas collector into the crankcase, causing the oil temperature to increase.

Solution: Replace a valve core