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What is the role of the air compressor system gas tank?

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Update time : 2021-10-11 14:27:16
Many air compressor users will ask us when they buy or use an air compressor, can the compressed air directly from the compressor be used directly after separation and purification? Why is it necessary to connect a gas storage tank? Isn't it superfluous?

In fact, the role of air storage tanks in the entire air compressor system is not small, but individual users will misunderstand. This time, let's analyze the air compressor system post-processing equipment-air storage tanks, what is the use?

The role of gas storage tanks

1. Stabilize the air pressure. When the air compressor is working, the air pressure is very unstable and has great fluctuations. And equipped with a gas storage tank can control the air pressure within a suitable range, eliminating the fluctuations and pulsations of the air flow in the pipeline. With the air storage tank, the compressed air output by the air compressor has a buffering place, so that the air source can be better maintained at a stable set value, and the air system can get a constant pressure, which will not rise and fall suddenly. . This is very necessary for the equipment of modern factories, especially some high-precision automation equipment. The constant clean air energy basically represents the efficiency of this equipment and the product loss rate.


2. Store air. There is no place to store compressed air inside the air compressor. Once compressed air is generated, it must be discharged and used up. This working method is not ideal. With a gas storage tank, you can first pump compressed air into the gas storage tank to a certain pressure, and then use the pressure to drop to a certain level, and then start the compressor, which can meet the sudden increase in gas consumption of the gas equipment and ensure more Use gas steadily.


3. Energy-saving benefits. The frequent start and stop of the air compressor will cause the motor's current consumption to be very large. With the air storage tank, the automatic shutdown of the air compressor can be guaranteed. The air compressor will automatically stop when the air storage tank is full under the set pressure, so that the air compressor will not be kept running and waste electric energy.


4. Cool and filter. The temperature of the compressed air entering the air storage tank is reduced to achieve the effect of preliminary cooling of the compressed air. At the same time, the water and oil in the compressed air can be precipitated, so that the compressed air has a higher quality and a higher degree of cleanliness.