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Ingersoll Rand air compressor tells you - the compressor air filter is off, there will be these 6 major hazards!

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Update time : 2019-03-19 09:21:14
In modern industrial production, compressed air is being used more and more widely, and it is playing an increasingly important role in improving production efficiency and product quality, improving automation and operational reliability of production operations.

As a gas source, the compressed air discharged through the air compressor contains a large amount of water vapor, oil vapor and dust mixed with impurities. If the compressed air containing these impurities is directly delivered to the compressed air equipment, the following consequences will be caused to the entire system:

1. High-pressure oil vapor collects in the system piping to form flammable materials and even explosive mixtures. At the same time, the oil is vaporized at a high temperature to form an organic acid, which has a corrosive effect on the metal equipment.

2. Since the mixture of water, oil and dust is deposited in the pipeline, the flow area of ​​the pipeline is reduced, and the airflow resistance is increased. In severe cases, even the pipeline is blocked, resulting in unstable operation of the entire system.

3. During the freezing season, the condensation of water vapor will cause damage to the pipes and accessories due to freezing.

4. Impurities such as dust in the compressed air will cause abrasive effects on components with relative motion. When the wear is severe, it will cause leakage and affect the accuracy and service life of the equipment.

5. Compressed air used for painting, chemical, food or precision parts processing, such as containing water, oil and impurities, will cause pollution of the product, resulting in degraded product quality, serious product scrapping, and affecting product reputation.

6, all kinds of damage to the human body.

In addition to problems associated with compressed air systems, the release of contaminants such as water, solid particles, oil through valves, cylinders, air motors and tools can lead to an unhealthy production, the formation of a working environment, such as productive dust, toxic Gas, etc.

Employees work in the polluted air environment for a long time, causing invisible damage to their health. There will be different degrees of chronic diseases, such as: dust will hurt the eyes, vision is reduced, chronic bronchitis and pneumoconiosis and other occupational diseases, seriously affecting the staff body Health threatens the lives of employees and increases the risk of accidents.

At the same time, there are potential problems of product pollution, personnel injury, lack of staff and financial compensation, which brings health and safety damage to production personnel and product users, which ultimately affects the company's product brand efficiency and company reputation, and gradually loses competitiveness. And the market.

The use of polluted air will not only have a serious impact on production equipment, personnel, products and the surrounding environment, but will also lead to additional production losses, product quality problems and high maintenance costs.

For the air filter, one of its main functions is to filter out all kinds of suspended solid particles, impurities, dust, moisture, oil, bacteria, etc. in the air, so that we can create us not only in life and work. A good environment to maintain our health, and in industrial production is also necessary equipment to create a clean room, speed up product production and ensure product quality, for precision equipment, equipment and precision equipment to protect equipment.