Ingersoll Rand Heated Blower Desiccant Dryers 4.2-226 m3/min, 150-8,000 cfm

Item No.: 35
Heated blower desiccant dryers utilize a high performance centrifugal blower to direct ambient air through a heater and the off-line tower to regenerate desiccant. Although heated blower technology requires the highest initial capital investment, it offer

High Quality Air: Proven high-performance desiccant technology delivers -40°C (-40°F) pressure dew point air for critical applications; pre-filter and after-filter protect desiccant and downstream air from oil contamination and particulates
Easy to Maintain: A low profile design and easy access to components simplifies installation and maintenance
Reliable Operation: High-strength desiccant along with durable valves and components provide extended life
Reduced Energy Use: Low pressure drop design saves on energy costs and provides an economical drying solution
Smart Control: Easy to use, advanced microprocessor helps to maintain dryer performance at optimum levels, while constantly monitoring functions and provides maintenance alerts as well as protection notifications

Technical parameters: