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What is the reason for the pressure of the air compressor tank being too high or too low?

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Update time : 2021-06-25 13:27:38
Air compressor air storage tank, also known as compressed air storage tank, is a pressure vessel specially used to store compressed air. It is used for air storage and buffering, avoiding frequent loading and unloading of air compressors and removing most of the liquid water. , Mainly used in conjunction with air compressors, refrigerated dryers, filters and other equipment to form the power source of industrial production-compressed air station, to provide high-quality compressed air power. This time we will talk about the causes and solutions for the over-pressure and under-pressure failures of the air compressor tank.


1. The fault of excessive pressure in the air compressor tank of the air compressor, and the possible causes and troubleshooting methods

   1. Improper setting of unloading pressure; Set the unloading pressure to be less than the rated maximum working pressure;

   2. When the air demand is low, the intake valve is not closed; according to the intake valve is not opened or closed according to the air demand for troubleshooting;

   3.The vent valve does not vent the original pressure of the gas storage tank; check the control solenoid valve and the exhaust valve.

2. The phenomenon that the pressure of the air compressor tank of the air compressor is too low, and the possible causes and troubleshooting methods

   1. There is too much leakage in the working pipeline; use soapy water to check the leakage of the working pipeline;

   2. The intake valve is not fully opened; Check the fault according to the intake valve not opening or closing according to the air demand;

   3. The air filter is blocked; clean or replace the air filter;

   4. The capacity adjustment valve is not set correctly; readjust the capacity adjustment valve to obtain the required adjustment range;

   5. The pressure gauge of the gas storage tank is damaged; check the reason, if it is damaged, please replace it;

   6. The actual compressed air demand is too large, and the original air compressor equipment has reached full load; re-estimate the demand and add an air compressor equipment if necessary.