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What is the reason for the low lubricating oil pressure of the air compressor?

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Update time : 2021-10-13 15:02:29
The lubrication system of a screw air compressor generally consists of an independent shaft gear oil pump and a motor-driven auxiliary gear oil pump, an oil filter, an oil cooler, an oil filter box in the crankcase, a plunger oiler, and connecting pipelines. The main reason for the low oil pressure of the air compressor is that one or more of these components has failed or damaged.

Common reasons for low lubricating oil pressure in screw air compressors are as follows:

1. The oil pressure gauge is inaccurate;

2. The oil level in the oil tank is low and the oil volume is insufficient;

3. The oil filter box or oil filter in the crankcase is blocked;

4. The quality of lubricating oil does not meet the requirements;

5. The wear clearance of crankshaft connecting rod bush is too large;

6. The oil pump gear wear gap is too large;

7. The oil pump shaft oil seal is worn;

8. The sealing surface of the oil pressure regulating valve is worn or the spring fails;

9. The oil cooler and the oil pipeline are blocked;

10. The oil pipe joints are loose and leaking.