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What conditions do you need to meet for oil-free air compressor installation?

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Update time : 2019-11-15 09:13:32
What conditions do you need to meet for oil-free air compressor installation?

Everyone is an air compressor, but we are different. Water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressor installation process: cooling water tank, automatic water supply, water pump, oil-free screw air compressor, filter, stainless steel gas storage tank, filter, compressed air refrigerating dryer, water filter, Deodorant filter. There are a lot more procedures than the air compressor air compressor, and it is necessary to select a suitable equipment place for the water-lubricated oil-free air compressor, and recommend the establishment of a special air compressor room. The installation site is required to meet the following requirements:
Oil-free air compressor
1. The air compressor needs to be installed indoors, with excellent lighting, and enough space is reserved for easy operation and maintenance. The air compressor should be separated from the surrounding and ceiling by no less than 1 meter.
2. Excellent ventilation, set appropriate cooling method to ensure that the indoor ambient temperature is not higher than 40 °C. It is recommended to use the hot air duct method to dissipate heat. The exhaust volume of the exhaust fan needs to be larger than the air exhaust of the air conditioner cooling fan.
3. The relative humidity of the air is low, the dust is less, and there is no corrosive gas such as acid or alkali. If the air quality is lower than required, the suction port of the air compressor machine should be led to a place where the air is relatively clean, and the pre-filtering equipment may be added.
4. The air compressor should be placed on a solid and flat ground to avoid oscillation of the compressor caused by the inclination of the ground. If the air compressor is placed on the upper floor, it is necessary to take certain vibration isolation measures.

The environment around the air compressor contains corrosive gases. For example, in some occasions, there will be sulfides, and cleaning chemicals will be emitted in the air. The high temperature of the machine itself accelerates the oxidation of the oil. Once these gases enter the air compressor system and chemically react with the oil, resulting in carbon deposits and sludge, some impurities enter the oil circulation system and are intercepted by the oil filter. As the oil and gas mixture rises to the oil content, when the gas passes through the oil content, these impurities remain on the oil content filter paper, blocking the filter holes, and the resistance of the oil content slowly increases, so that the oil content needs to be replaced in a shorter time. Air filtration with poor filtration accuracy will prevent some of the dust particles in the air from being intercepted and enter the air compressor system directly. The load of the oil filter and the oil component is too large, causing the oil filter and the oil component to block prematurely. Excessive moisture on the oil content causes the filter material to swell and shrink the pores, reducing the effective separation area of ​​the oil content, resulting in increased resistance of the oil content and early clogging of the oil content.  Due to the simultaneous decrease of air pressure and temperature, the gas condenses into water droplets. The water droplets enter the oil content and make the filter material absorb water and swell and deteriorate.

Additional suggestions:

1. The cooling water inlet pipe is equipped with a filter, and the cooling water inlet pipe is equipped with a fully automatic rotating filter. The filter screen is cleaned online to ensure that the cooling water to the heat exchanger is free of debris.

   2. Do daily maintenance and clean the cooler regularly to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system.

Summary: Except for individual equipment and electrical reasons, most air compressors cause heat generation as follows:

High ambient temperature The air compressor room is in a relatively closed environment. The exhaust fan used to enhance the air circulation of the air compressor room has low power, slow air circulation, and the environment is sultry and hot, and the temperature in the environment is high. Air compressor intake When the temperature is high, the temperature of the compressed air will also increase.

Unreasonable cooling water pipeline design. When cooling water pipelines are installed in infrastructure, unnecessary pipe sections and many elbows may increase system resistance; the air compressor cooling water pipeline layout. The diameter of the cooling water pipe decreases, the circulation resistance increases, and the throttling is obvious, which reduces the cooling effect.

The cooling effect of the cooler is poor. The air is compressed by the air compressor and then enters the oil-air separator for separation. The high-temperature compressed air enters the dryer system through the air cooler to cool down, and the high-temperature oil is cooled by the oil cooler and then returned to the air compressor. The air cooler and the oil cooler are arranged in series. The cooling water first passes through the air cooler and then is cooled by oil. The cooling effect of the air compressor cooling water system and the two sets of coolers affect each other.

The cooling water contains a lot of sludge, less calcium and magnesium ions, and more sludge, and the transfer effect after precipitation is not good. After the cooler is used for a period of time, the mud and dirt in the cooling water will adhere to the cooler, the circulation resistance increases, and the heat exchange effect is also reduced.