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How to effectively increase the service life of the air compressor?

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Update time : 2021-10-15 13:25:02
We have found that many corporate users have put a lot of effort into the maintenance of air compressors, and strive to effectively maintain the stable operation and life of the air compressor, but in fact, if you want to increase the life of the air compressor, there are other optimizations. The method is introduced below, and I hope it will be helpful to all users.

1. Change the air filter of the air compressor

Many users install the air filter of the air compressor together with the air compressor, so that the noise in the air compressor room is too loud, and the inspector cannot hear it when the air compressor fails. We moved the air filter to a clean, dry, and well-ventilated place outside the machine room not more than 10m away from the air compressor; in order to improve the dust absorption capacity of the air filter, 30 layers of 4×4 mesh filter screens were added inside, and the shell The lower part of the body is used as an oil pool, and the flow rate of air in the filter does not exceed 1 to 1.5m/s. The air sucked in by the air compressor is pre-purified, which ensures the normal use of the air compressor and reduces the noise at the same time. When the sound of the air compressor is abnormal, it can be heard and dealt with in time. 

Second, the use of air compressor valve group valve disc

    The valve plate is used on both sides, and the force on both sides of the valve plate is even, which can improve the life of the valve plate; it is wasteful to replace the valve base after wear, and the spring is increased by 1 to 2mm to overcome the phenomenon of poor sealing of the valve group due to wear. In five or six years of use, the life of the valve has more than doubled.

3. Improve the cooling system

1) Cooling method

    The water circuit cooling system before the improvement is shown in Figure 1. The cooling water* enters the intercooler, and the temperature of the outlet water has risen, and then it is divided into three ways to enter the cylinder and the oil cooler of the first and second stages. When the ambient temperature is low in winter This cooling method has little effect on the normal operation of the air compressor. In summer, due to the high ambient temperature, the air compressor inlet temperature is about 30cE, and the outlet temperature reaches about 45°C, which exceeds the air compressor inlet temperature. The requirements of ≤20℃ and drainage temperature ≤40℃ cause the air compressor to run overheated. 

After the cooling method is changed, the inlet pipe is directly divided into 4 channels, and the temperature of the circulating water outlet of the air compressor drops to about 35~C, and the cooling effect of the air compressor is thus significantly improved.

2) Descaling the cooling system

    The cooler is descaled once every six months. The scale and carbon deposits in the cooler and water pipes can be descaled mechanically and then chemically; the cylinder and cylinder water jacket of the air compressor are cleaned once a year, manually Scrape, rinse with water, or clean with 5%-10% hydrochloric acid solution. Carbon deposits and other deposits in the cylinder can be cleaned with hydrochloric acid solution first, and then with sodium hydroxide aqueous solution. 

In order to prevent the water quality from hardening, the water quality is softened in advance, and the high-voltage electrostatic water processor manufactured by China Nuclear Industry Nanjing Green Water Treatment Equipment Factory is installed on the circulating water pipe. The effect is also good.

Reasonable use of lubricating oil

Strictly control the oil quality and quantity of the lubricating oil. If the quality is not good or the amount used is large, the lubricating oil will mix with dust and become hardened, which will be mixed with the organic matter in the lubricating oil under a certain temperature and pressure to coke into black oil residue. The formation of carbon deposits not only affects the normal operation of the valve, valve disc, spring, and piston ring, but also causes the air compressor to overheat and cause an explosion. The lubricating oil should be replaced in time according to the season and temperature changes. Use No. 19 compressor oil in summer and No. 13 compressor oil in winter. It is best to use the oil produced by the national designated factory. The use of regular air compressor oils provided by air compressor manufacturers is better than No. 13 and No. 19 compressor oils. It does not coke or deposit carbon at high temperatures, and has good lubricity. The air compressor has automatic double constant pressure control, which can respond to changes in air demand cost-effectively and efficiently.

The above is an effective way to improve the service life of the air compressor.